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Looking to Discover how the most Successful Dog Trainers Generate $20k+ in Revenue EVERY month?

Dog Trainers Guide to Growth: $20k Revenue EVERY Month

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    Dog Trainers Guide to Growth.

    In This FREE Resource, You’ll Recieve:

    ☑️  Proven Process Pre-Qualify Leads before your Consultation

    ☑️  System that Automates Lead Nurturing until they are ready to make a purchase.

    ☑️  Making the RIGHT recommendation for every client

    ☑️  Framework to Follow-up after Lessons that save your 75% of the time.

    Dog Trainers Guide to Growth: $20k Revenue EVERY Month

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      Dog Trainers Guide to Growth: Generate $20k in Revenue EVERY month.

       After working with thousands of Dog Trainers in 2022, I can tell you that most Trainers had their BEST YEAR in 2022 and want to continue that growth curve thru 2023.


      But when reading the headlines, looking at increased interest rates, inflation driving up expenses & so many new Dog Trainers out there; many business owners are worried that even if they have some growth, that profits are going to SHRINK. 

      But it doesn’t have to be that way…  We have dug into the data on more than 1500 Dog Trainers and the business owners who will have their best 2023 are using our Growth Guide to make sure they are able to deliver amazing training without burnout and being paid what they are worth.


      We’ve created the Dog Trainers Guide to Growth: Generate $20k in Revenue Every Month™ to help you start making YOUR Plan for success.


      ✅  Prequalify Your Leads & Stop Wasting Time  ✅ ⏱
      ✅  A Follow-up Framework that improves Training Results
      ✅  Happier Clients who actually do their Homework

      ✅  Consistently Generate $20k Every Month in Revenue  💰


      Here’s how it works – Dog Trainers Guide to Growth: Generate $20k in Revenue Every Month™ provides a proven process to find the RIGHT clients for you, reduces the time for client follow-up and gives you a structure to make your Training Recommendations.

      Dog Trainers Guide to Growth: $20k Revenue EVERY Month

        Services Provided

        Number of Employees

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        Here’s what some of our clients had to say…

        I worked with PawLoyalty to optimize my profits for our daycare.  After working with them I realized our labor ratio was 40% and that our team wasn’t making personalized recommendations.  With a few changes our profits have improved by more than 30%.  

        Brandi V. - Chief Canine Officer

        I completely recommend PawLoyalty.  It saves me time. Helps me grow our business (sell more to existing customers). Keeps us organized. Gives me visibility into how well my business is doing. Keeps existing customers engaged.

        Omar Z. - Top Dog

        PawLoyalty helped us launch our business 90 days before we opened.  We had over 30 dogs on day 1!  The automation, the client communication and the tracking of all our evals has made it simple for us to measure our success and improve our processes. 

        Amber J. - Daycare Manager

        About the Creator – Garret Tadlock

        Garret Tadlock is the Founder and CEO of PawLoyalty Software.  He has helped more than 5000 Dog Trainers over the past decade.  He partners with each business to help them understand key points where they can unlock value with small actionable changes. 

        He is a regular industry speaker at IBPSA and the Pet Boarding & Daycare trade-shows, he writes for Pet Industry publications and won the Pet Age Top 40 under 40.

        After working with thousands of Dog Trainers he has come to realize that passion does NOT equal profits.  If love of what you did automatically made you money, each and every one of you would be multi-millionaires.  

        The passion he see each day across PawLoyalty customers & partners is WHY he loves being part of the pet industry.  The Dog Trainers Guide to Growth: Generate $20k in Revenue Every Month™ is his way of giving back to those of you who have given so much to pets, their parents, staff members and other business owners who have at some time or another asked for help.


        Garret outdoors being funny

        Thank you Garret and team, for always considering our needs. We were just a startup and the PawLoyalty team went beyond introducing us to their software, they also educated us on Daycare best practices… this I consider going above and beyond. Smart People, smart solution, and great customer service.

        Ronn B. - Owner/Operator

        They set it up for us and gave great advice about how industry leaders leverage functionality. I was worried about the transition, but they made it simple and painless. Employees love it and they are always adding new features that help us better serve our customers.

        Amanda K. - Facility Manager

        We demoed several online booking software options before selecting PawLoyalty. Their team consistently pushes updates that are relevant and help our operation run more efficiently. They also act as consultants by working with us to problem solve customer challenges. We couldn’t be happier!

        Bill F. - President

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