Simplify Pet Care Operations and Increase Profits.


Engage Pet Parents


Improve Process


Gain Clients


Save Time

Manage all the moving parts of your facility.

Convert more leads into customers, Grow Average Revenue per Pet, Maximize Occupancy & Profits, Fast & Accurate Check-outs.

Paw Loyalty Arrivals Departure Dashboard

Arrival / Departure Dashboard

Daily snapshot view of arrivals & departures, streamlines the check-in process to confirm feeding/meds/activities/notes/vaccinations and provides a quick check-out that equips the front desk to give a full report of the pets stay & accurate invoices.

Paw Loyalty Lodging Calendar screenshot

Lodging Calendar

A single screen to maximize your occupancy and minimize run transfers. Our simple lodging calendar makes it easy to see arrivals/departures and seamless drag & drop to make adjustments.

Paw Loyalty Online Reservation Requests feature

Online Reservation Requests

Embedded directly into your website, pet parents can request boarding dates with activities and departure baths at their convenience.

Paw Loyalty SMS and EMail Feature Screenshot

Appointment and Vaccination Reminders

SMS and emails to automatically remind pet parents about upcoming appointments and let them know 30 days before vaccines are going to expire; giving them plenty of time to renew them before their next appointment.

Guide:Design Amazing Customer Experiences
Paw Loyalty Report Card Screenshot

Report Cards

Pet parents want to be part of the pet experience and there is no better way then to send them daily updates via report cards. Include up to 6 images and streamline the process for staff by having pre-created (spell checked) messages to add.

Paw Loyalty Streamline Communication Screenshot

Streamline Communication between shifts

By capturing everything digitally thru the day; our health logs make it easy for staff to start their shift and see anything that happened that day that wasn’t normal.

Paw Loyalty Employee Management screenshot

Employee Management

Manage employee schedules, track who is completing tasks during shift, and know who to pay using our built in time clock and commission calculators (sales and delivery).

Paw Loyalty Powerful Reporting Screenshot

Powerful Reporting

What gets measured gets managed. With our powerful reporting engine you can pull all the important boarding metrics with a single click (Pet Nights, Average Revenue per Pet Night, % of Appointments that have a bath, % of Appointments with Activities, Current Occupancy, Forecasted Revenue, and hundreds more)

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