Dog Daycare Software

  • Dog Daycare Report Card Templates
  • Quick Check-ins & Check-outs
  • Mobile Friendly Online Booking

Simplify the Business of Running a Dog Daycare with Software.

Dog Daycare Software with proven processes, automation & workflows designed to deliver a world class customer experience, safe/fun social playgroups and employees who are set-up for success.  

Paw Loyalty Daycare - Digital Dashboard

Dog Daycare Software Dashboard

Everything you need to deliver fast and accurate check-in’s & outs for those busy pet parents you see multiple times per week.

Paw Loyalty - Quick Check-in screenshot

Quick Check-in

The morning rush is real and pet parents want to drop and go. With our quick check-in process you can validate vaccines and check-in 20+ walk-ins under a minute. That is an awesome Pet Parent experience.

Paw Loyalty - Digital Whiteboard screenshot

Dog Daycare Digital Whiteboard

As your runners move pets from the lobby to their playgroups our Digital Whiteboard tells daycare attendants who in their groups (typically via a 55’ TV), who needs special attention and allows staff to record anything abnormal so front desk staff can communicate with clients as needed.

Paw Loyalty Daycare - Evaluation Reports with Conversion Tracking

Evaluation Reports / Conversion Tracking

You spend money getting pet parents to tour your facility and sign-up for an evaluation; it only makes sense that you want your staff to MAXIMIZE those evaluations and convert them to package purchases or at least booking their next appointment. We streamline the process and provide a single report to see which staff is BEST and who needs more training.

Customers enjoy these benefits from our daycare features:


Grow Dog Daycare Attendance

Leverage our automated marketing campaigns to educate and build trust with Pet Parents.


Faster & Accurate Check-outs

Prepaid packages feature and Card on file streamlines all daycare check-outs for your pet facility.


Increase Customer Retention

Staff alerts for “At-Risk” customers who haven’t used Daycare recently + automated retention campaigns

PawLoyalty Daycare - Playgroup Report Cards

Dog Daycare Report Card Templates

Pet Parents love the rush of getting a text with cute dog photos. Snaps 5-7 photos of your playgroup and share with all the pet parents via text and email with only a few clicks.

PawLoyalty Recurring Daycare Schedules

Recurring Daycare Schedules

We make it simple for your customers who have built a routine to set-up recurring appointments. With only a few clicks you can set-up a schedule for the next 90 days.

PawLoyalty Daycare packages screenshot

Dog Daycare Packages

Different packages for different types of customers:

Standard Daycare Packages are designed to have a set number of days for Full or Half day packages.

Usage Based Packages allow you to reward customers for loyalty with a bonus treat or comp’d activity (auto charges clients card on file after last day of package is used, emails customer copy of receipt and puts new package on their account).

Memberships can give your busy clients the ultimate flexibility and priority booking (card renews every month, sends customer copy of receipt and adds package to account).

Paw Loyalty Daycare - Automated client communications

Automated Client Communications

Our automated text and emails keep customers engaged and informed.

Automated New Client Conversion Campaigns focused on converting phone calls into Daycare clients

Automated Daycare Evaluation Campaigns focused on helping staff sell more packages.

Automated Customer Retention Email Campaigns to improve client retention and identify who is “at-risk”.

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