Improve Re-Bookings, Save Time & Grow Profits

  • Beautiful Groom Card w/ Appointment, Note & Price History
  • Targeted Client Communication to Increase Customer Visits
  • Simple Schedules + Automated Commission & Tip Reporting

Customers enjoy these benefits from our grooming tools


Boost Client Frequency

Our customer messages encourage pet parents to schedule their appointments every 4 weeks. This makes it easier on your groomers and a better experience for the pets.


Fill Last Minute Cancellations

Send targeted messages to clients who haven’t used your grooming services lately, fill last minute cancellations, make sure customers only get relevant news for their pet.


Save Time. Less Paperwork

Run a world-class grooming facility with detailed groom cards, employee commission tracking, customer reminders, pet specific images to deliver consistency, detailed reports.


Improve Grooming Consistency

Our detailed Groom Cards allow you to store up to 12 different “cut-images” for seasonal grooming cuts for regular clients.

Simplify the business of Grooming: Love what you do!

Groomers typically don’t love dealing with tech and want something as flexible as paper, but with the organization of software. PawLoyalty has perfected that delicate balance making even the most tech resistant groomer a fan!

Simple Drag & Drop Calendar - Paw Loyalty

Simple Drag & Drop Calendar

We make it easy to book appointments, change time needed complete a groom and adjust pricing.

Amazing groom card - Paw Loyalty

Amazing Groom Card

Taken feedback from hundreds of groomers to create the a Groom Card that includes past groom images, notes from past grooms and historical pricing to make sure your clients have a consistent experience

Paw Loyalty customer appointment reminder

Automated Text & Email Reminders

Reduce no-shows and send out text/email reminders to customers who have upcoming appointments.

screenshot of pawloyalty software

"Ready for Pick-up" Text Messages

Easy to send text messages to clients when their pet is ready for pick-up.

Guide:Design Amazing Customer Experiences
backfill Last Minute Cancellations

Backfill Last Minute Cancellation

Our marketing platform allows you to send out mass text messages when you have a spot open up or you can send targeted messages to clients you haven’t seen in a few weeks

Paw Loyalty Self Service Online Requests

Self Service Online Requests

Stay open 24/7 for clients to find a date/time that works for both you and them. Our online requests will filter your schedule to ensure you don’t overbook, but keep you just busy enough that you will want a glass of wine with your last groom of the day.

Smart & Custom Services & Pricing PawLoyalty

Smart & Custom Services & Pricing

Customize prices based upon Breed, Size or even Customer specific pricing. Have grooming packages? No problem!

Commission Calculators and Groomer Schedules PawLoyalty

Schedules and Commission Calculator

Easily set-up grooming schedules and automate commissions based upon a % of the appointment amount or give a flat $ amount per service delivered.


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